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The South Asian American Real Estate Association (SAREA) is a National Nonprofit Organization dedicated to empowering the South Asian Real Estate community through its Advocacy & Leadership. SAREA is committed to Promoting and Empowering its members with Professional development and advocating policies that are beneficial for all. It consists of passionate Real Estate Professionals and Leaders with diverse backgrounds & expertise in the Real Estate Industry. We believe that by working together in collaboration, we can elevate the level of knowledge and professionalism in the South Asian Real Estate community, which will result in an exceptional level of unmatched service in the industry. By working together with diversity, we aspire to develop strong future leaders and partnerships that will benefit our entire society.


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Welcome to SAREA! Houston is home to a large and vibrant South Asian Community, and it is with great pleasure that we welcome all Real Estate Professionals to SAREA. We are excited to be the first South Asian Real Estate Organization with its first chapter in Houston, Texas. It is an essential milestone for all South Asian Community Professionals.
SAREA is the platform for all Real Estate Professionals, and we are all about DIVERSITY & INCLUSION. Our mission is to CONNECT & EMPOWER Real Estate Professionals through Networking, Education, and Business opportunities. We strive to promote Professional Excellence and Leadership.



Membership is open for all! We believe working together can create a strong and vibrant community that benefits everyone involved. We provide an extensive network of contacts and resources to connect with the people and businesses to succeed. SAREA’s members can access exclusive resources, such as networking events, educational training, industry updates and exclusive member’s benefits.









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